Saint James Infirmary

I've Got Me Some Of Those Saint James Infirmary Blues

Saturday, October 09, 2004

A Get Together to Tear it Apart

My anthropology lecture today was interesting. I really like that class.

I got back from class, lounged around for a bit and then started to wander my floor. I went and talked to Julie and Maddie for a little bit and then Courtney and Liz joined us. By this point I was getting pretty hungry so Courtney, Liz, and myself went and ate lunch together.

Lunch was a lot of fun because both Liz and Courtney are from the greater Renton area so we had somethings in common. We also shared our amusement park stories which was cool too.

Following lunch I returned to room and packed up all my stuff so that when my uncle got to Lander I would be ready to go. While I was walking through the halls doing something I ran into Julie again. She told me that a friend of Maddie, Heidi, and her's was coming into town for the weekend and that I had to meet her. So I said that if they were going out tonight to call me and I would drive back up to Lander and go out with them.

After I was home and bummed around for awhile Julie called me and told me that we were going out to a comedy club. I then quickly got ready and drove up to Lander where I met Julie, Heidi, Maddie, Katie (their out-of-town friend), Kyle (Julie's boyfriend), and Matt (another guy from my floor). We all departed and drove up to the comedy club where we watched a fairly good improv comedy show.

After the show we went back to the hall and I hung out there until 1:30, at which point I unfortunately had to leave so that I can get up for work.

That was a very long and probably boring account of my day.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Abra Cadaver

When I woke up today I was still feeling the effects of the pie. It was horrible because my stomach was being ravaged and I had to sit through a hour long lecture. But I soldiered through it and after I got some lunch in me I was feeling pretty dapper.

Lunch did not save me from my two hour english class that was pure torture to attend today. It was just long and boring and the professor is indecisive and doesn't directly answer questions sometimes. Following my excruciating english class I returned to my dorm, finished all the work I needed to get me through until Monday, and just lounged around for awhile.

I had dinner with a group of people from my hall and that was pretty cool. To top the evening off I watched Dawn of the Dead (2004) with a bunch of people from my floor's other hall, took a break, and then watched Shaun of the Dead with a slightly smaller group of people from my floor's other hall. It was a zombie fest. Sort of.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Help Me Make it Through the Night

I put myself through the most painful physical experience ever tonight. I participated in the All Hall Brawl Pie Eating Contest. I had to eat a chocolate meringue pie. It was good for the first two bites and then it was terrible. The chocolate pudding was so thick that when I had a mouthful I couldn't breathe and it was in my noise. I don't remember how many times I almost threw-up during the contest. I kept going though because over half of my floor was there cheering me on and chanting "Jake! Jake! Jake!".

I ended up taking third because the other guys were cheating. I had the cleanest table and face. Oh well, I'm a hero on my floor now.

I feel terrible though. I have a headache. I can't walk straight. My stomach hurts. Its hard to think coherently at times. And I still smell chocolate. I am really tired now too. I was on a bad sugar high and now I've crashed.

However, its heartening to walk down the hall and see most of the whiteboards on people's doors praising my performance in the contest.

I feel so sick right now. And why do I still smell chocolate?


I'm being a good student and doing all my homework and studying early, but then my evenings are boring as hell. When I'm not busy and looking for something to do, everybody is doing their work. I guess I could just study more.

Or not.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

You're My Best Friend

I really love you,
Oh you're my best friend.

Golden Slumbers

This weekend when I went home I also stopped by IKEA. I picked up my schedules for the next couple of weeks and I also ran into my boss. She decided to give me my review for bonus day while I was there. To cut to the quick: a 5 means you're an awesome coworker and I scored a 6.75. When bonus day comes around, this score will translate into a dollar value. I'm pretty confident that I could easily have a $2000 bonus. And that would be the low end. I'm so excited about bonus day.

Speaking of being excited, there are a lot things coming up this month that I'm excited about. I'm excited about the pie eating contest tomorrow. I'm excited about the 13th. I'm excited for the IKEA 10th Anniversary Celebration on the 17th. I'm excited for Bonus Day on the 23rd. And I'm excited for Halloween.

All this excitement is making me really tired. It also doesn't help me feel more energized when I helped a girl on my floor paraphrase poems for two hours or that I watched Reservoir Dogs in a poorly ventilated and very hot triple room with the door closed and eight people crammed in there.

I'm exhausted.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

My grandfather passed away tonight.

He's the second grandparent that I've lost.