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Saturday, October 09, 2004

A Get Together to Tear it Apart

My anthropology lecture today was interesting. I really like that class.

I got back from class, lounged around for a bit and then started to wander my floor. I went and talked to Julie and Maddie for a little bit and then Courtney and Liz joined us. By this point I was getting pretty hungry so Courtney, Liz, and myself went and ate lunch together.

Lunch was a lot of fun because both Liz and Courtney are from the greater Renton area so we had somethings in common. We also shared our amusement park stories which was cool too.

Following lunch I returned to room and packed up all my stuff so that when my uncle got to Lander I would be ready to go. While I was walking through the halls doing something I ran into Julie again. She told me that a friend of Maddie, Heidi, and her's was coming into town for the weekend and that I had to meet her. So I said that if they were going out tonight to call me and I would drive back up to Lander and go out with them.

After I was home and bummed around for awhile Julie called me and told me that we were going out to a comedy club. I then quickly got ready and drove up to Lander where I met Julie, Heidi, Maddie, Katie (their out-of-town friend), Kyle (Julie's boyfriend), and Matt (another guy from my floor). We all departed and drove up to the comedy club where we watched a fairly good improv comedy show.

After the show we went back to the hall and I hung out there until 1:30, at which point I unfortunately had to leave so that I can get up for work.

That was a very long and probably boring account of my day.


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