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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Help Me Make it Through the Night

I put myself through the most painful physical experience ever tonight. I participated in the All Hall Brawl Pie Eating Contest. I had to eat a chocolate meringue pie. It was good for the first two bites and then it was terrible. The chocolate pudding was so thick that when I had a mouthful I couldn't breathe and it was in my noise. I don't remember how many times I almost threw-up during the contest. I kept going though because over half of my floor was there cheering me on and chanting "Jake! Jake! Jake!".

I ended up taking third because the other guys were cheating. I had the cleanest table and face. Oh well, I'm a hero on my floor now.

I feel terrible though. I have a headache. I can't walk straight. My stomach hurts. Its hard to think coherently at times. And I still smell chocolate. I am really tired now too. I was on a bad sugar high and now I've crashed.

However, its heartening to walk down the hall and see most of the whiteboards on people's doors praising my performance in the contest.

I feel so sick right now. And why do I still smell chocolate?


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