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Saturday, January 01, 2005

The New Year

What better way to kick off 2005 than with a review of my 2004?

2004: A Review of Jake's Year

January - April: Pretty good overall. School was going well, getting ready for AP tests. Relationship had its ups and downs, but was good overall. That's about all I can remember for the first four months of '04.

May: My birthday month! And it was an awesome 18th birthday. Lots of friends and family.

June: Graduation! Graduation weekend was all about parties, like two or three straight days of parties. And then two weeks after graduation it was time for a two week trip to New York with one of my best friends.

July: Best described by the phrase Black and White. That's what that month was like. I got to spend about a week and a half of July in New York, which was awesome. I got to spend quality time with my good friend Molly after I got back. But I experienced a week and half of relationship rollercoaster ending in a mutual break-up. Following the mutual break-up was a ride on the emotional rollercoaster.

August: This month saw the emotional rollercoaster ride continue. But it also saw an increase of status at work as well as me working temporary time in another deptartment which was awesome. The end of the month saw me abruptly end the emotional rollercoaster ride by cutting off all contact with the primary cause of said ride. The end also saw a very fun and entertaining road-trip/camping trip with three of my best friends.

September: By far probably the best month of 2004 for me. Work was awesome. Emotionally I was in a great spot. I had my Eagle Court of Honor. I realized that their are people out there who love me just as much as my family does. I moved into the dorms and began my college education.

October: School was awesome. I made a ton of new and awesome friends at the dorms. I won a pie eating contest. School and the dorms was just overall awesome. I got back into contact with a very important somebody. Had an awesome Halloween weekend full of Rocky Horror Picture Show and trick-or-treating.

November: School was still awesome. I got an awesome tattoo. I had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend. But I found out that my department at work was being out-sourced to another company. Major bummer. Caused me tons of stress and worry which so far seem like they have been well grounded. Also though, me and a good friend began to hang out a lot more.

December: Stressful considering the work situation as well as finals. But I survived the rigorous tests and papers and made it to winter break. Winter break was pretty good. I got a lot of time off work, which I didn't really want, but hey, it happens. Had an awesome Christmas and New Year's Eve.

That's all she wrote for 2004.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Why are superheroes so damned awesome? It should almost be a crime for them to be so kick ass.