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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Golden Slumbers

This weekend when I went home I also stopped by IKEA. I picked up my schedules for the next couple of weeks and I also ran into my boss. She decided to give me my review for bonus day while I was there. To cut to the quick: a 5 means you're an awesome coworker and I scored a 6.75. When bonus day comes around, this score will translate into a dollar value. I'm pretty confident that I could easily have a $2000 bonus. And that would be the low end. I'm so excited about bonus day.

Speaking of being excited, there are a lot things coming up this month that I'm excited about. I'm excited about the pie eating contest tomorrow. I'm excited about the 13th. I'm excited for the IKEA 10th Anniversary Celebration on the 17th. I'm excited for Bonus Day on the 23rd. And I'm excited for Halloween.

All this excitement is making me really tired. It also doesn't help me feel more energized when I helped a girl on my floor paraphrase poems for two hours or that I watched Reservoir Dogs in a poorly ventilated and very hot triple room with the door closed and eight people crammed in there.

I'm exhausted.


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