Saint James Infirmary

I've Got Me Some Of Those Saint James Infirmary Blues

Friday, May 27, 2005

Lost in the Supermarket

Worst Thursday in a long time. What was this "We're gonna play one game of 'Shout About Movies' and then not do shit for the rest of the night." Oh, and "We're gonna let Jake sit in the corner all by himself and not try to include him."

I'm tired of the bullshit. At times I think back to when I was constantly left to my own devices on a weekend and say, "Those were good times. When it was just me to worry about, there wasn't any bullshit."


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

All Alone

My heart and mind are weary from the burdens that have been placed upon them over the last few days. I don't know how to unburden myself of these issues either. That's the worst part.

How easily can I be expected to willingly alienate my best friend from the amazing group of people that I live with? One should never be required to accomplish these tasks.

The above task is even harder when I feel like the group is becoming more and more clique-ish and I feel as if I'm not finding my niche within it. At this point it is seemingly my lot in life to be the odd man out in any group that I find myself a part of.

I thought the talk that I had with her a few weeks ago would remove a lot of the fog that had been present between us. However now I feel as though the fog has rolled back in and where we stand and where we are going is becoming ever more clouded.

I continue to tell myself that there is only two and half weeks of school left and then it will all be over. But it is becoming ever more clear to me that the end of school does not equate to the end of my weariness.