Saint James Infirmary

I've Got Me Some Of Those Saint James Infirmary Blues

Sunday, October 27, 2002

I sleep until one o'clock PM as a result of the late-night paintball session with Adam, Byron, and Brian. I call work to see if I have to go in at three o'clock. I don't have to. I lay around for awhile longer. I get up and shower then chill on the computer. I then chill while playing THPS4. I go to work at five o'clock. I expect to be there until 11 o'clock. They inform me that we're getting off at 10 o'clock tonight. I go "Yeah! I can go to Anthony's house tonight." I work. I get off and go to Anthony's house. I arrive and call Molly for Scott because he is afraid of her dad. I chill and play THPS4. I argue with Hannah. I watch Saturday Night Live for half an hour. I go home at 12 o'clock AM. I chill on the computer for a couple hours. I set my clocks back and go to bed.

I wake up at 9:45 AM. I get ready so that I can be at work by 11 o'clock. I work a long eight hour shift with a hour lunch break in the middle. I get off at eight o'clock. I get home at 8:20 PM. I eat dinner. That brings me to now.


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