Saint James Infirmary

I've Got Me Some Of Those Saint James Infirmary Blues

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Not much has happened the last few days. Just a lot of getting ready for school. But there are somethings that standout.

Monday: Shopping. Went to the Factoria Nordstrom Rack where I bought a merino wool sweater that is uber-cool and a Lucky Brand fur-lined corduroy coat. Later that day I went to Southcenter where I got a cool pair of vintage style Reeboks and a cool pair of Adidas.

Tuesday: STAR WARS DVD! It's totally awesome and I love. I also saw an advanced screening of "Shaun of the Dead" for free. It's also totally awesome and I love it too. It's a hilarious British rom-zom-com (romantic zombie comedy).

Wednesday: I did the Puyallup. It was pretty cool. I saw an awesome performance by a Beatles tribute band. They rocked. I also saw Maroon 5. It was pretty good. But the highlight of my day is still the tribute band. Unfortunately I also found out that my grandfather (dad's side) has a 40% chance of living.

My grandfather has a really bad case of pneumonia and a secondary stomach illness. I don't really know how to feel about it. This grandfather has never been one of my favorite family members. Its difficult for me to sort through my feelings about the situation. I am disappointed however because my dad is flying out to Hawaii to see my grandfather later today. Which means that my last night at home, the night I wanted to spend with my whole family and especially my dad, he won't be here. It sucks. I love my dad I want him to be here when I leave, but there isn't much I can do about it.

I'm going to miss my dad a lot after I move out. I miss my dad a lot now, even though I'm still living here. Our schedules just don't match up very often and its going to be even harder once I start college. I'm just going to have to put forth the effort to make sure that my schedule matches up with his sometimes.


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